Alice Tovey: Existential Crisis (A Rock Opera)

28 & 29 September 2018, 8pm
Melbourne Fringe Festival (Lithuanian Club – Main Theatre)
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“Millennial fans of musical cabaret will love this show. Peter Dutton, maybe not so much.” – Herald Sun

“Humour for the thinking person wrapped up in masterful music, witty repartee, and some self-deprecating insight” ★★★★ – Weekend Notes

“Fans of Tom Lehrer, or Tim Minchin, will be right at home here…The audience received a veritable cornucopia of sonic delights” – Australian Arts Review

WINNER | Best Emerging Artist, Adelaide Fringe Weekly Awards
NOMINEE | Best Original Songs, Green Room Awards

Existential Crisis (A Rock Opera) is the acclaimed new cabaret by award winning duo Alice Tovey and Ned Dixon. Together with a live four-piece band, Tovey and Dixon’s fist pumping, velvet wearing, 80s dramatic rock opera explores the crushing sense of anxiety that goes hand-in-hand with the dreaded quarter life crisis.

Flipping cabaret on its head, this show hands steel instruments to classically trained musicians. Part narrative, part ballad and full balls-to-the-wall rock, Existential Crisis (A Rock Opera) brings all the energy of a live band and big vocals and aims to kick nihilism in the proverbial dick.

Alice and Ned’s other productions include MansplainingMalice and Personal Messiah. Their unforgettable original songs are “polished, personable and pitch perfect” (Radio Adelaide) and razor-sharp humour “sassy, smart and sultry” (The Plus Ones). If you think that’s impressive alliteration, just wait til you hear some of Alice’s new lyrics – they certainly give her 9 minute beat poem about Beyonce a run for it’s money.

Amidst a jam-packed 2016, Malice (featuring songs about everything from Karl Stefanovic to anti-vaxxers) earned a Green Room Award nomination for Best Original Songs and won an Adelaide Fringe Weekly Award for Best Emerging Artist. In addition to their collaborative work, Alice featured in Melbourne Recital Centre’s Wagner in Paris, and Ned was invited to premiere a selection of new work at Composure, an emerging composers event presented by Arts Centre Melbourne and Chroma Collective.

“Islamba” by Alice Tovey & Ned Dixon, from Mansplaining (2017)